Temple’s Services

Temple provides the information and insight needed to make investment decisions with confidence.

Temple provides the information and insight needed to make investment decisions with confidence. Our focus is on private (non-listed) investments in the $10m – $100m range. Temple will work closely with you to identify the scope of work and timing that is appropriate to your investment decision: our engagements have ranged from two days to nine months.

We will not reinvent the wheel, but neither will we make a recommendation without an appropriate fact base. Typically we conduct working sessions with Boards and experts to develop a shared understanding of opportunities and risks.

Temple provides three specialist service offerings for Boards, Management, Banks and Funds:

  1. Acquisition, Joint Venture (JV) and alliance support

    Temple provides independent buy-side advice for acquisitions (controlled auction [bidding] or negotiated sale ) and support on development of Joint Ventures (JV) and alliances. This includes:

  2. Capital investment plan development

    Temple develops and presents capital investment plans. We typically work closely with client-side champions to develop the investment thesis and presentation case so an informed investment decision can be made by boards and banks.

  3. Independent capital plan review

    Sometimes its good to have a second opinion. Temple undertakes independent reviews of proposed investments for boards, banks and management teams. These reviews can take several forms:

    • Preliminary reviews to identify opportunities and weaknesses in the investment thesis and provide an early opinion on the potential success of an investment.
    • Pre-mortem reviews of proposed investments to flush out any investment biases
    • Detailed investment reviews and recommendations.

    We define the opportunities and explore alternatives that can maximise returns and minimise risk to a business, Joint Venture (JV) or alliance. The information and insight we provide can be based on competitor activity, market and demographic trends, technology shifts, and regulation changes that can create or destroy value in your investment.